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Memomi - World's First Digital Mirror - Video Production - SF Bay Area - Commercial - DOHP

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Memomi video shoot
Video shoot for Memomi at Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek, CA. Photo by Derek O. Hanley.

This video shoot was done for Memomi, the pioneers in digital mirror technology, to shoot the world's first digital mirror. I met with CEO Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky, and the shoot was done at the Neiman Marcus store in Walnut Creek, CA. Our beautiful model Emily Methany was fantastic, such a trooper through all of the takes and wardrobe changes. But, as you can see, quite a dramatic result.

Memomi digital mirror
Memomi digital mirror showing color change feature. Photo by Derek O. Hanley.

The ability to change color in real time, and compare your different try-ons, as well as send them to your mobile device will certainly be popular features. One of the challenging aspects to this shoot was the lighting, as we had natural light coming in from the large windows, as well as the display and ambient light in the building. Getting proper white balance was achieved while editing in post-production with a little bit of "movie magic" to make it all come together. Also, trying to film in a public space can be problematic, as there are regular shoppers milling about in the background, or wondering into a shot.

Digital mirror
The challenges filming a digital mirror. Photo by Derek O. Hanley.

The other challenge was the product itself. You have to find just the right angle so that you are not in your own shot, but still able to capture the product and the model in the frame. Once I got a sense of how the device operated, I was able to get the right shot, but it usually took a few placements to get it optimal. Despite all that, it sure was a fun shoot!

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