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Still I Rise Trailer - Video Editing - SF Bay Area - DOHP

Still I Rise
Trailer for Still I Rise series

Still I Rise is a video series about people who persevere despite all the odds against them. Editing this trailer, I had to use video selects from the first few films to give a sense of what the stories are about. The trailer is silent, in that there is no dialogue from the films, with just an ambient drone as the background score. For a project like this, visual storytelling is the key concept, which when you watch the trailer should be apparent.

Still I Rise
Still I Rise, a series about rising above the odds.

Trailers also need to conform to certain time constraints. Depending on what type of trailer you are doing they can range from 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes, for this piece, I felt the optimal time was around 60 seconds. The first five films in the series are: The Snake, The Dream, The Alien, The Heart, and The Bullet. For each of the films, I took 2-3 shots which encapsulate what the film was about to give the viewer a teaser to look forward to. There should be an element of mystery to a teaser, something that makes the viewer want to learn more. A Moment In Time was the producer of this video, and editing work was done on Final Cut Pro X.

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