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EMT Trauma Lanes - Video Production - SF Bay Area - Commercial - DOHP

EMT extrication training
Students work inside a rolled over vehicle as instructors provide guidance and pressure. Photo by Derek O. Hanley.

Producing this EMT trauma lanes video in the East Bay was challenging and a lot of fun. Trauma lanes is modeled after USAF Pararescue training, and students are put through a wound management obstacle course, with added pressure and sensory bombardment from instructors. Filming this posed several challenges. One of which was access, as you can see a lot of the events were set up in close quarters to simulate what actual field calls will be like, so getting in there with your camera rig and getting the right angle took a bit of trial and error. Seeing as how the whole event is dynamic, there was really no one spot you could set up and just film, I was constantly on the go keeping up with the pace the instructors were keeping.

Wound management, sucking chest wound.
Simulated sucking chest wound. Photo by Derek O. Hanley.

For part of this I had the distinct pleasure to work with the law enforcement professionals of the National Parks Police force out of Golden Gate National Recreation Area, in the San Francisco Bay Area. They were run through a trauma lanes event at the beautiful Fort Cronkhite, and they put their training to the test. This photo shows a simulated sucking chest wound in a shower stall which needed immediate management. Putting the students in awkward places helps to simulate reality and make them better prepared.

Pediatric CPR
Students perform CPR on a simulated pediatric patient. Photo by Derek O. Hanley

They also needed to remember their basic life support skills, as they were tested on their application of CPR for adult and pediatric patients, and application of the AED. The event is relentless, usually lasting for 45 minutes straight for each team, and by the time they are done, they are exhausted but elated that they did not quit, and were successful, for the most part, in completing their mission. The audio from this video is one continuous take, there is no editing other than leveling, so you are hearing what it is like inside a ConEx box during the actual event.

For emergency responder training in the SF Bay Area visit: to schedule training.

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