PHOTOS FROM THE FRONT LINES follows medics from Falck Alameda County ambulance during one of the most tumultuous years in recent collective memory - 2020.


Intern Heather, Paramedic Isaac, and Paramedic Christina head back to the flight line.

Photo by Derek O. Hanley

From a global pandemic to demonstrations to wildfires and mass vaccinations, PHOTOS FROM THE FRONT LINES provides unprecedented and comprehensive coverage of this year and beyond from the perspective of those on the front lines every day of the crisis.

IMG_9899 copy.jpg

Medics rush a sick patient to the ambulance. 

Photo by: Derek O. Hanley

The use of the term "front line" came about this year to describe personnel who were putting their lives on the line every day during the global COVID-19 pandemic, and medics were at the absolute forefront of this fight; PHOTOS FROM THE FRONT LINES

takes you there with them.


An Oakland firefighter works to extinguish a vehicle fire.

Photo by Derek O. Hanley

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