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Operation Dignity - Veterans Helping Veterans - Video Production - SF Bay Area - Non-profit - DOHP

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Operation Dignity
William Hall - Army Veteran. Photo by Derek O. Hanley.

I had the pleasure to produce this video for Operation Dignity in Oakland, CA. Operation Dignity assists homeless veterans and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area. They provide emergency, transitional and permanent housing for homeless veterans in Alameda County, California. They also offer comprehensive support services, nutritious meals and a strong peer community. Their goal is to help veterans rediscover hope and provide the tools needed to live a self-sufficient and stable life.

Anyone who lives in the Bay Area, or has visited within the last few years, has seen with their own eyes the number of tents, tent colonies, and displaced individuals on the street skyrocket. It is a visual representation of the staggering wealth inequality experienced by most in the United States, but which is very pronounced in this area. You can drive through Marin county, Tiburon, Palo Alto, and see some of the richest people, most expensive homes and cars in the world, contrasted sharply by the sights one sees when traveling through downtown San Francisco and Oakland. The sad fact is that a large number of those suffering this indignity are veterans, you know, those who signed a blank check to protect our country with their very lives if need be. This is one small step that I can take to bring awareness to this issue and those on the streets trying to identify and assist our displaced veterans.

Special thanks to William Hall for sharing his story. William was an active duty field cook in the U.S. Army. He lost his way, as we all do from time to time, but with the support of Operation Dignity, was able to get back on the right track. I had the opportunity to sample some of William's fine BBQ cuisine (which is shown in the video) at the housewarming party he held at his new house in Concord! Congratulations William, and great ribs!

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