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What's the worst thing you have seen?

Every medic gets asked this question, this book will reveal those answers. 

Few people can contemplate the horrors, traumatic exposures, and sad situations that EMTs & Paramedics (medics) are faced with in their job. This book seeks to illuminate these tales, which unfortunately, will be indelibly tattooed in the psyche of the medics who answered the call to help their neighbor in need.

The title of this project intentionally seeks to conceptually tie together the careers of medic and military. As a paramedic and prior military combat medic, author Derek O. Hanley has seen his fair share of trauma, and describes some of his own heartbreaking and gut wrenching calls in sometimes painful detail. But this project is not just about him, as stories are currently being collected from medics in the field, who have a cornucopia of unforgettable calls they could share.

From Derek:

"Medics put their lives on the line out there on the streets, and are forced to deal with human horror only surpassed by the soldier who has been in combat. I am of the opinion that medics should be thanked for their service like our military, and that we should take care of those who take care of us, and we as society should provide for their mental and physical health, education, and other benefits conferred on those who sacrifice so much for their community and carry the heavy burden of what they've seen for the rest of their lives." #thankmedicsfortheirservice


We want to hear from you!

Submit your story for a chance to be published in the forthcoming book by Derek O. Hanley, War Stories.  

By submitting you story, it is implied that you agree to allow the author, Derek O. Hanley, full rights to publish, or not publish, your story, name, likeness, and any images submitted, in any form or fashion,

in keeping with good artistic taste and sensibility, in perpetuity.

At any time before publication, your story can be requested to be removed and not included in the book. 

Full terms and conditions will be sent to any stories selected for publication.

Thanks for submitting!

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Thanks for submitting!

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